Tamara Colebank, DVM


Dr. Tamara grew up in Highlands Ranch, CO with her human family, two Maltese dogs and three pet rats.  She has always been interested in how the body functions and how it relates to the external world. This interest combined with taking care of her animals and volunteering with a local small animal veterinary
clinic in high school inspired her to become a veterinarian using both conventional and holistic medicine. She attended Colorado State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences in 2014 followed by her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2019. She graduated with certification in acupuncture and energy medicine. She has extensive training in Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, osteopathy, massage therapy, energy healing, homeopathy, homotoxocology, and food therapy to improve her patients longevity and quality of life.  She has used both conventional and holistic medicine to treat all animals from cats and dogs to rabbits and horses. She has worked on each slope of Colorado educating clients and treating patients, recognizing and addressing all aspects of health including physical ailments, emotions, organ energetics and cell functions. Her passion is integrative veterinary medicine for all creatures. Dr. Tamara currently lives with her hubby, two cats, and a pug. In her free time, she enjoys meditating, learning, experiencing new places and restaurants with her family and friends, taking care of her animals, cooking, and dancing.

Tamara Colebank